Deaf rebels fight for freedom on Libya's frontlines

(Global Post) September 20, 2011
A special unit of 86 deaf soldiers battle against Gaddafi forces winning a new-found respect.

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Captured by the Islamic State, these two teenagers went through hell. Then they ran

(Business Insider) October 1, 2014
Sara and Leila made a daring escape from from their IS captors. These are their stories.

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INSIDE SYRIA: One hospitals' Story

(Global Post) September 24, 2012
Every day, these medical volunteers treat around 100 patients - mostly civilian. It is a heart breaking job. Each must find his own way to cope.

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INDEPTH SERIES: Is this a terrorist?

(Global Post) March 4, 2013
In Syria, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. This series takes an exclusive look a three men wanted on charges of terrorism, including an indepth interview with the 'prince' of Jabhat al-Nusra.

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Miracle of childbirth, especially in war

(Global Post) January 15, 2013
No power, no water, no doctor. In the middle of the night. How one Syrian life entered this world.

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On the front lines of Syria's guerrilla war

(Al Jazeera) June 13, 2012
Exclusive account of Sham Falcons, a rebel group waging war against the Assad government from their mountain hideouts.

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War Drives More Than Half Of Syria's Students From School, Into 'Black Hole'

(GroundTruth) April 18, 2014
Hopelessness creeps in amid a range of peril including bombing, gunfire, arrest, torture, execution, conscription and economic crisis.

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LAWS OF MEN: Horrendous "honor Killing" fades to memory as Iraq violence swells (SERIES)

(Huffington Post) July 17, 2014
At 15, Dunya was brutally murdered by her husband 45-year-old but in many countries the law does not consider such barbarity a crime.

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Horror of life in a city under siege

(Sydney Morning Herald) July 11, 2011
Four months of fighting have left Misrata with a cashless economy reliant on charity and camaraderie.

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